Island King William Island on Map 

Island King William Island on Map

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Main information about Island King William Island

Island King William Island, Nunavut, Nunavut. Elevation 81 m. (Digital elevation model) . GPS coordinates: 69.16777, -97.41755.
Time zone: America/Cambridge_Bay. Island King William Island on such kinds of maps GoogleMaps, OpenStreetMaps, Wikimapia, HotelsMap. or for climbing on: King William Island;

Other names: King William Island, GJao King William, Gilen Erregearen uhartea, Ile du Roi-Guillaume, Ilha do Rei Guilherme, Illa del Rei Guillem, Illa do Rei Guillerme, Insula King William, Isla del Rey Guillermo, Isola di Re William, Karaliaus Viljamo sala, King Williams land, King-Vil'jam, Koning Willem-eiland, Kral Uiljam, Kral Vilijam, Kral-Vilyam, Kuningas Williami saar, Kuningas Williamin saari, Nisos Vasilia Ouiliam, Ostrov krale Vilema, Ostrov krále Viléma, Pulau King William, Puro han Hadi William, Purô han Hadi William, Qikiqtaq, Vilmos kiraly-sziget, Vilmos király-sziget, Wyspa Krola Williama, Wyspa Króla Williama, Ynys King William, jzyrh kyng wylyam, jzyrt almlk wlyam, king-willieom seom, kinguu~iriamu dao, wei lian wang dao, Île du Roi-Guillaume, Đảo King William, Νήσος Βασιλιά Ουίλιαμ, Кинг-Вильям, Крал Уилям, Краљ Вилијам, Кінґ-Вільям, جزيرة الملك وليام, جزیره کینگ ویلیام, جزیرہ کنگ ولیمز, მეფე უილიამის კუნძული, キングウィリアム島, 威廉王島, 킹윌리엄 섬.

12 day Weather Forecast - Island King William Island

THU 2.12

1,005 hPa
FRI 3.12

1,011 hPa
SAT 4.12

1,004 hPa
SUN 5.12

997 hPa
MON 6.12

994 hPa
TUE 7.12

996 hPa
WED 8.12

993 hPa
THU 9.12

998 hPa
FRI 10.12

998 hPa
SAT 11.12

995 hPa
SUN 12.12

1,000 hPa
MON 13.12

1,004 hPa

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The nearest mountains and island: King William Island, and others.

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